A: By federal and state law it is required to wait a minimum of 24 hours between each tan.

A: You must be at least 18 years old to tan in a UVB tanning unit.

A: YES! UV light can be very damaging to your eyes – the ultra-thin eyelids do not block ultraviolet rays. Without the right eyewear protection, you are taking the chance of developing loss of color perception, poor night vision, macular degeneration, cataracts, and permanent eye growths like pinguecula or pterygium.
A: You can adjust your preventative eyewear during your tanning session. Don’t lift the eyewear off your eyes – just slide it gently, making sure your entire eye is covered. Another obvious trick is minimizing the effects with makeup or by using a self-tanner!
A: The main objective to tanning pregnant is the increased potential of becoming overheated. Understand that the UV light does not reach the unborn baby, as it does not travel beyond the top layers of the skin. Other common concerns include hormones that may cause you to tan unevenly and constricted blood vessels from lying on your back. Talk to your doctor first before tanning.

A: White spots have several causes – Vitiligo, Tinea versicolor, and pressure points are just a few.
*Vitiligo is irregularly-shaped white patches of skin that does not tan. It is caused by a condition that causes melanocyte cells in the affected area to degenerate and die off. Your physician can help you reverse the effects of vitiligo.
*Tinea Versicolor, or “sunspots” is dandruff-like fungus that flakes off the scalp onto the upper body. This condition is very common and has nothing to do with cleanliness. Extra-strength dandruff shampoo is often used to treat it.
*Pressure points are seen on the skin surfaces that contact the equipment, such as shoulder blades, the backs of calves, and upper arms. To avoid this, shift positions during the session so that all skin receives oxygen.

A: Tanning lotion helps enhance your ability to tan up to 70% faster while providing your skin with vitamins and minerals that help prevent fine lines and wrinkles giving you longer, lasting results!
A: It is important to rehydrate your skin from lost moisture due to the environment which dries out your skin. Stay moisturized by extending the life of your tan!